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Welcome to our Flock.

Here at Dreamcatchers, we are committed to bringing together unique and special feathered companions to our clients. We hand raise and nurture each baby to make them ideal family pets and delightful companions that will bring much joy and laughter to your home. We show and breed primarily cockatiels, however, we do have the occasional Green Cheek Conure in the turquoise mutations.

Latest news! Latest news! November 2018. YES!! We have babies starting to hatch and birds starting to become available. First available - a White face baby, Cinnamon pied baby and an Emerald baby!! Please check our available page for updates!


Our Birds

We are not a large scale aviary and do not mass breed for retail. We will only produce as many babies as we have time to devote one-on-one attention to and from our select pairs to ensure the best bird we can. Each of our babies is handled several times daily from the time that they are about 2.5 to 3 weeks old. We believe in allowing our parents to raise their babies. We will remove for hand feeding if needed only after the first couple weeks to make sure to provide the babies with much needed nutrients and a basic grounding in bird behavior. Our aviary is closed to the public, however, appointments to interact and create a bond with a specific bird from us are available, time permitting, while you wait for your baby to wean.

In 5/24/14 ONE OF OUR BELOVED PAIR OF GREEN CHEEKS and A NEWLY WEANED COCKATIEL WERE STOLEN! Tristan and Isoulte and Bashti were taken from their locked flight cage out of my fenced yard. Just 5 days before, we had our mower and a bicycle stolen as well. Last summer, an unweaned clutch was removed from one of our breeding pairs out of the aviary, I had thought this was a one time event, but I was wrong. It saddens me terrible at the loss of our dear GCCs but also at the thought of my beautiful birds that I have raised for the last year to be in the hands of someone else. It is for that reason we will NO LONGER have any visitation to our aviary to view available babies. All transactions from now on will be conducted via photos, videos and through meetings arranged away from our aviary such as Bird Fairs or our favorite Austin pet store. I am sorry to have to go to this extreme but I can no longer risk the further loss of my beautiful birds.


The American Federation of Aviculture weekend August 18th in San Antonio proved to be spectacular for us here at Dreamcatchers. Our boy Zenith took Best in Show in both the NCS and the ACS cockatiel shows as well as the overall Best in Show for the entire event. Followed by this past weekend 10/6 when our newest flock member Balar, a lovely white face placed 2nd and 6th in the two NCS shows and Wanda, our big cinnamon pearl cousin to HOF Shelly took 10th place in the second show. It has been a short but wonderful fall exhibition season.

Committment to Excellence

As members of the National Cockatiel Society (NCS Band #52M), The National Cage Bird Society, The American Cockatiel Society (ACS Band #52M), The North American Parrot Society (NAPS Band #52M), The Alamo Exhibition Bird Club and The Texas Bird Breeders and Fanciers, we strive to maintain the standards and ethics put forth by these organizations. In so doing, we feel that we make a contribution, however small, to these wonderful birds overall. We stand by our birds and are there to provide mentoring to all of our new owners for the life of your bird and beyond.